About Chris

Chris and his wife Kim 2017

Chris and his wife Kim 2017

From as far back as Chris can remember he always wanted to help people and to make a real difference in the lives of others. As a child, Chris thought that need would be fulfilled by being a doctor; but as an adult, he quickly realized that the potential to save people’s lives was meant to come in a completely different way. For the past 24 years Chris has been changing lives and healing hearts for thousands of people all around the world through his work as a Spiritual Medium.  


Chris’s straight forward, and often humorous style of passing on messages from spirit has garnered him much respect and a large client following from all around the world. Chris is the only medium to be endorsed and to work with MADD Canada and has been working with the national organization since 2003. In 2011 Chris published his first book, Pennies From Heaven: A Medium's Two Cents on Life and Death and for three seasons he had his own television show called ‘Seeking Spirit’ in Ontario Canada. All this combined with his highly attended public speaking engagements and his daily client list keep him very busy. 

Chris still marvels at the irony of his work and how hearing from the dead can bring life back to the living.

Chris was born in 1966, in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. At the age of one he moved back to his mother's hometown area of Alliston, Ontario where he continues to live with his family. 

Chris grew up in the small village of Everett, directly across from the town cemetery. He laughs now, remembering the fear he had of death and being able to see the countless tombstones through his living room window as a young boy. Today he is happily married and the father of four children. He runs his office out of Alliston, Ontario and keeps very busy with his role as a medium, comforting the grieving and teaching his clients that life truly does go on. 

In 1994 Chris suffered a physical episode that hospitalized him for three days with stroke like symptoms that closed down his functioning capabilities. A diagnosis was never made and doctors could not explain this health crisis. Two years later, in August 1996 the loss of his grandmother catapulted him into a life of new awareness. He believes the combination of the physical trauma to his brain in 1994 combined with the emotional loss of his grandmother, kick started an ability he had always possessed. 

"I can't imagine a greater joy and honor than sharing my ability with those who are suffering loss."

Chris's four grown children: Spencer, Sydney, Shelby & MacKenzie 2019

Chris's four grown children: Spencer, Sydney, Shelby & MacKenzie 2019


Our greatest family joy; are our four young grandchildren; Sophia, Carter , Piper & Paisley. 

Chris doesn't believe his ability of spirit communication provides closure for his clients, but for many, it reminds or teaches them that loved ones are still a vital part of our day to day lives and very much aware of what is going on with us long after they have crossed over. He doesn't believe closure is possible. Losing a loved one is traumatizing and life altering, the best you can hope for is a 'NEW NORMAL' and peace that comes from knowing what your truth is. 

Regardless of your beliefs, Chris's ability to relay messages from loved ones (no longer living in the physical world) can and does change lives. 

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