Mothers Against Drunk Driving


                                                        IN HONOUR OF MY FRIEND LOUISE TWERDY

Louise and her family were victims of impaired driving collisions 3 separate times. Louise lost her son Mike to an Impaired Driver in the first crash. Louise and her other son were also injured in two subsequent crashes involving impaired driving. Louise your spirit, your love and your endless dedication for making other people's lives better will live on for years to come. May you and Mike continue to change lives from the Other Side! You will always be remembered my friend.

Chris is the first medium to be invited by MADD Canada to conduct a seminar for their National Victims Weekend and Candlelight Vigil held in Toronto in April 2003. After careful consideration, MADD Canada decided to venture into unfamiliar territory and look into the possibility of 'spirit communication' as a seminar and tool for healing. 

Chris would like to take this opportunity to thank MADD Canada for their trust and vision in seeing the limitless opportunities this type of seminar can and did hold for their families. Chris wishes all continued healing and happiness in knowing that your loved ones are still with you on your walk through life. Thank you for the honour of being a part of your special memorial weekend.

Madd Canada and those I have met and become friends with over the years will always hold a special place in my heart.