Love Lives On... Even After Death...


I have lived the last 20 years of my life BELIEVING and demonstrating this belief with thousands of people; day in and day out. As a medium, my core belief and KNOWING is that Life or rather LOVE is never ending and that even after physical death those bonds of energy strengthen and become more solidified between those who transitioned into spirit form and those of us left behind to mourn their physical absence. 

Our loved ones in spirit walk through life with us, they see us, they hear our thoughts and our spoken words and perhaps the most important aspect is they feel exactly what we feel with our emotions. No words are ever left un-said. I also want to leave you with the understanding that our  loved ones in spirit do not judge us, they do not condemn us, they simply love us. 

I invite those who read this post to share your beliefs on this topic and perhaps share your own experiences and validations of Love Living On!

This is my inaugural post, so bare with me as I get my feet wet in this social media format. 

Open your hearts and there is where you will find spirit!